Kaspersky Antivirus 2016: The Perfect Security Solution for Your Windows PC

How frequently have you come across an antivirus program that’s still managed by
its eponym creator? If you haven’t, Kaspersky is a highly capable and impressive
software that is worthy to be included in such a list.
Stepping into 2016, Kaspersky antivirus looks a little different this year when
compared to the previous year’s model, though it still offers great protection and this
is justified by the excellent scores that it has received from several lab tests. Without
any doubt, it’s one of the best choices of antivirus software for your Windows PC.
What’s Remarkable?
The ability of Kaspersky to look out for malware and destroy it – whether it’s a new
one or known virus – is noteworthy! Though it’s just an entry-level security software,
it has more features when compared to few other choices in its category. For
instance few rivals of this antivirus program lack automatic detection and anti-
phishing of detachable media. What’s more remarkable about such a feature-rich
program is that it’s affordable at just INR599! Moreover, accessibility to Amazon
coupons make it an even more affordable option slashing the price by more than
40% – yes, you can avail Kaspersky antivirus 2016 for one PC for one year for just
INR322. Look out for more such offers on sites like Couponhaat to avail greater
Salient Features
The most significant aspect of this antivirus program is its ability to detect viruses,
prevent and remove them. Some rival programs might do better, but still Kaspersky
crosses its boundaries to safeguard from all malware, including rootkits,
ransomware, spyware and security exploits. It also protects against phishing and
identity theft and safeguards the financial transactions that are done online in real
Ransomware is capable of locking your screen and generally indicts you of having
illicit pornography on your PC. The scam shows you where money has to be sent so
that you can continue accessing your files. Based on these lines, this antivirus is
capable of creating backup file copies before malicious programs get a chance for
encrypting them. Thus, in case ransomware attacks, it’s possible to restore the files
that are held as hostage without the need to send money to the hackers.
Another important aspect of Kaspersky is that it can overthrow key loggers, which
monitor your keyboard’s physical keys to capture confidential details like user
names, passwords or credit card details. The virtual keyboard of the program allows
you to enter details onscreen, thus bypassing the physical keyboard and preventing

The anti-phishing protection feature of the software cautions you about the site
safety in online searches and obstructs access to malevolent sites.
In a nutshell, Kaspersky maintains a great level of performance, usability and
protection. The rich features help in keeping your PC running with excellent security