Google Drive vs. Dropbox

Google Drive and Dropbox have been consumer favorite cloud storage choices due to their ease
of use, reliability, and easy setup. If you have decided to make the dive into storing your
documents, files, images, and more in the cloud, but are confused with choosing between these
two most popular cloud storage options, we have got you covered here by helping you decide
what’s right for your requirements and budget. This quick comparison of Google Drive vs.
Dropbox with respect to different factors can help in decision making.
Taking a look at the common and unique features of each of these storage types will help one
decide the better option. Dropbox certainly has some of the best features; for instance, its
linking system that lets the user to connect the desktop to his Dropbox account is one of the
most distinctive features. It has also fruitfully incorporated with Facebook Groups, where users
can share files from their Dropbox files to their Facebook Groups.
Google Drive also has its own unique set of features. It lets the user to disable auto deletion of
old editions, which implies they can retain all file revisions. It also an online document editor
that helps in converting Microsoft Office document (.docx/.doc) into a Google Document
(.gdoc) prior to editing.
Sharing is undoubtedly the best feature of Google Drive, giving it an upper edge to Dropbox.
Users can either select anyone having the link for your file access, or assign some users who can
view, edit, or comment on photos. In this aspect, Dropbox lets users share files only when they
send you the link to those files. A copy of the file will be sent to the receiver, but he or she
cannot add any comments or make changes to the original file.
Since Dropbox lacks an online document editor, files can only be downloaded. Though, for your
tablet’s or smartphone’s Dropbox app, users can see Apple iWork files, Microsoft Office files,
PDF files, video or audio files, and images. It is not possible to edit the documents using the
app, but it can be access with some other editing app.
On the contrary, Google Drive offers support for unique files such as Photoshop (.psd) and
Adobe Illustrator (.ai) files, scalable vector graphics files, and autodesk autocad files. Users can
also see Microsoft Office docs, though they can edit it only after converting it to Google Docs
file type.

Storage Space
The free storage space offered by these services also differs. Dropbox offers 2GB of free storage
space, though users can avail referral perks for every friend that they refer (this is 500MB
additional storage space for each friend they refer). Additional storage can be gained by paying
Google Drive is easily accessible with every Gmail account, wherein there’s 5GB storage space.
Extra space can be bought by choosing from the various available plans.
Both Google Drive and Dropbox have a two-step authentication feature when signing into an
account via website. The first step involved entering a standard email id and password, while
the second requires punching in a security code that is sent to the user’s phone through Google
Authenticator app.
Both the apps are very competent at the task they are supposed to do and easy to use. Google
Drive possesses an edge with respect to sharing files between computers and other users,
though Dropbox is a better choice in terms of privacy, flexibility, and variety of features.

5 Signs That Indicate Your Computer Has Been Hacked

You might be heard through media “my mail account or social networking page has been hacked”. Hackers are mainly finding a new way out, to harass other people, to steal information or to destroy their reputation. While we cannot deny the fact that hackers are doing such things with bad intention and you will find in this world, there is a small percentage of the hacker community. Hackers find out new ways to use computers and they create such difficult programs no one other can conceive. They are so talented, they can build applications to the operating system. A hacker employs various techniques to find out the weaknesses in the computer and they exploit them. Hackers can hack for different reasons such as to earn profit or for the challenge.
Now let us have a look the reason why people intent to hack other computers.
Just for fun – Some youngsters for fun want just to prove that they can hack computers. Such people are interested using various skills and find a way to breach system than doing anything malicious. A teen hackers once said in an interview he was interested in getting into the system and he wasn’t interested in accessing information.
To make a statement –There are hackers who breach system to make a political statement or to access information from government sites. They use cyber-attacks and they target corporate sectors also.
For criminal activities – hackers are popular for using their skills for criminal activities. They break into some other computer and take control of it. This helps him to access password and collect financial information, so that he could use to defraud the person.
Now here are given some signs that will indicate your computer has been hacked.
New programs getting installed – In some cases, you may notice new programs installed in your computer and this could be an indication, your computer has been hacked. When you have installed plugins or other free programs, a new program may have come with it. This situation is quite common while installing antivirus or a new toolbar on your computer. Backdoor’s and Trojans may appear after your computer getting hacked. Such programs help hackers to gain information from your computer. Spyware and malware are also indication of hackers.
Pop up of fake antivirus message – If you have ever noticed a fake antivirus message pop up on your computer screen, you must be careful, it is the surest sign that your system has been hacked. Most people don’t realize it and it becomes too late the virus would exploit your system completely. Clicking on a link will make you reach to a professional looking site with glowing letters of recommendation. Then they would ask you for your credit card number and there are people who provide financial information. Thus, the hackers will get complete control of your system and financial information. If you ever notice such warning message, boot the computer in safe mode and uninstall the newly installed software.
Login password got changed – most time when your account gets hacked they will change the password. If you ever notice the password changed logging into your account, it is a sign of hacking. Reset the password, and if your email address has changed, contact the company, only they can help you out reset the password.
Losing control of your computer – when someone is trying to control your computer remotely, it means your system has been hacked. For example, the mouse cursor can move itself or it can type itself. It happens when someone else controlling your system and it indicates hacking. If the computer dial internet on its own and if you are not able to identify the program that needs internet access, this indicates of hacked computer.
Internet search getting redirected – there are many hackers make their living by redirecting browsers and the hackers get paid when you click on someone else’s website. Many redirected internet searches are hidden from users by the use of additional proxies. If you notice any such activities, it shows the sign of your PC being hacked. You must immediately remove the bogus toolbar and get rid of malicious redirection.

Logitech Announces New Computer Peripherals in India

The global supplier of extra peripherals for computers and other such digital platforms,
has just proclaimed that its tablet accessories portfolio and solar-powered products line
has been expanded in India by adding three more new products- Solar Keyboard Folio
and Ultrathin Keyboard Cover (these are designed for the 3 rd generation’s new iPad and
iPad2); the third new product it a Wireless Solar Keyboard K760 for iPad, iPhone and
All these new keyboard peripherals for Apple gadgets indicate the widespread heritage
of reliability, sleek design, and high quality of the Logitech brand, which has assisted the
company to become a global leader in the keyboard industry.
During the launch, Logitech India and South West Asia’s Country Manager, Subrotah
Biswas told that the company believed in giving a great customer experience to
individuals from various walks of life that is targeted towards helping productivity.
Further, he said that the new keyboard cases- with their extended battery life, sleek and
smart design- offered a convenient way for the customers to do much more with their
iPad. He also felt that the Wireless Solar Keyboard K760 will fetch more users of Apple
devices. He expressed his pride of being a consumer-focused company and they are
supposed to be committed to give them the pleasure of being submerged in the digital
Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover: This is known to be the ideal partner for iPad as
it safeguards the screen of the iPad with a sleek aluminum cover that is negligible in
weight and comes with an inbuilt keyboard that pairs via Bluetooth. An inbuilt stand on
the keyboard holds the device at the best angle when users wish to watch a movie or
type a message.
Logitech Solar Keyboard Folio: It incorporates onboard solar cells, which charge the
inbuilt Bluetooth keyboard in indoor as well as outdoor lighting conditions. When
completely charged, the battery is capable of lasting for almost 2 years (on average use
of 2 hours/day).
Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K760: It is compact and stylish with onboard solar
cells for easy charging. The Bluetooth connection comes with an easy switching feature,
which allows you to connect almost 3 devices and switch between them without the
need to reconnect.
The suggested retail price of these accessories in India is listed below:
 Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover: Rs. 6,599
 Logitech Solar Keyboard Folio: Rs. 8,999
 Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K760: Rs. 6,599

Early Users Reporting Few Problems with the new iPhone 5

The complete sell-out of early stock of Apple’s new iPhone 5 suggests that almost all present day consumers are fully captivated with the launch of the latest iPhone edition. But, the bitter truth is that not every early consumer who has acquired the latest iPhone 5 gadget is satisfied, as some consumers recently reported various problems related to the Wi-Fi connections of the new device.

Consumers have even reported issues related to scratches and scuffing in the gadget’s new aluminum covering. Most of the early buyers are largely discontented with the new revamped Maps app of the new iPhone 5. The latest Siri app incorporated in the device easily gets puzzled when questioned regarding the present weather conditions in many prominent United States cities.

And the iPhone manufacturer is also discontinuing the service of the free storage space of around 20-GB that was extended to earlier MobileMe users, which would definitely make it extremely tough for some consumers to support their latest iPhone 5 device to iCloud. As per the recent updates, many consumers in the company’s support forums are registering issues related to WPA2 sheltered Wi-Fi networks.

The most frequently reported issue is an apparently slow internet connection, which doesn’t look to influence the previous iOS gadgets that are present in the same network. Even though that problem could be easily alleviated by just switching off LTE option in “settings” as suggested by some consumers, the problem appears extremely annoying, especially to novices.

One consumer in the company’s forum asserted that AppleCar is actually well aware of the problem, and is presently attempting to fix the issue, which has resulted mainly due to a software issue. Individual hardware related problems, or even inability to properly attune with some Wi-Fi base stations could be other major reasons for the issue, since not all users of the latest device are confronting problems.

The latest anodized aluminum covering provided with the new Apple device is quite opposing to normal scratching; however, the chamfered border present around the display could wear down, disclosing the glossy bare aluminum below. As recently reported by AllThingsD, there have been general claims among the consumers regarding nicks, scratches, and other marks on the device’s anodized surface. AllThingsD has also mentioned that the aluminum casing of new iPhone5 gadget fails to provide the same superior scratch-resistant ability as that of the stainless steel casing that was used in both iPhone 4 and 4S devices.

How Robots Will Affect Future Generations

Robots have been hailed as one of the most mesmerizing scientific inventions in the history of
mankind. Robots can do every task which a human being can do. Future seems to belong to
them. Robots have numerous of functions and they have contributed in most of people’s life
aspects. Nowadays, robots are in use in various kinds of activities all over the world. Each
invention comes with its own positive and negative implications.
 Robots can work in every kind of situation.
 Use of robots is always cost effective as well as takes less time as comparison to
 Accuracy is one of the best advantage of use of robots
 No emotional challenges are there.
 Robots are mostly utilized in manufacturing industry
 Robots are much more stronger than human beings
 Robots can come in any size. Whatever size needed for any task can be created.
 Additionally, robots can be significantly faster than people too
 Robots can be used as an alternative of people when human wellbeing is a concern
 Robots can do jobs that people are not very keen to do so.
 Increased use of robots in rivalry eliminates putting more people at risk and has proven
to be very successful
 Robots do not get exhaust and can work for much extended hours.
 Robotic abilities are extremely vast.
The Disadvantages of Robots

1. Use of robots have eradicated the jobs of many people which further leads to
unemployment in the world and which may lead to many social evil issues.
2. Robots are programmed machines only. Robots do not handle the unexpected
situations as well as challenges as people can do in a perfect manner.
3. Robots are not intelligent enough to take decisions. Robots will do only the task as
programmed in them.
4. Robots do not have an emotion that is why robots lack empathy.
5. While robots can be sent to other planets and they can do tasks which humans are
unable to do but still robots cannot evaluate the things accurately as human can do with
the application of mind and taking care of all the factors affecting the situation at a
given time.
6. Robots can be tremendously hazardous. One wrong program can lead to lot of loss of
money as well as lives.
7. More use of robots can destroy the harmony on the planet as this leads to more
materialistic world with no emotions and care for each other.

8. Day by day with the improvement in technology, the main effect is occurring on the
nature. Many natural disturbances are occurring only due to more and more
advancement in the technology which leads to more and more setting up of industries.
More industries lead to more wastage and in turn which is against the natural care.
9. Use of robots would increase more competition in the professional world and hence
more problems in maintaining the harmony and idealistic situation
Robots have a wide range of advantages and disadvantages. And their utilization will only
increase through time and with more technological advances. Technological advances as well as
improvement is required in order to get perfection in the proper usage of robots.
Impact of robots on society:
Increase in the use of robots is going to increase number of unemployed person in future. Final
result of the unemployment can be poverty, drug abuse as well as many kinds of social
community problems. This might led to increase in the crime rate in the society as well. Robots
do not have emotions so society would become more materialistic.
In my conclusion, it is a good opinion if we can use robot for the effective and efficient time.
However, as a good citizen, we have to think about the increasing number of unemployed
problems by providing more working field in different industry and acknowledging in advanced
skill. Use of robots is going to weaken the creativity ability of human indirectly in future.
Robotics leads to more dependence of humans on machines and this further leads to less
emotional attachment among each other in the society as well.
One should not only see the pros of any invention, every invention has its own con side as well.
One must know while using any equipment as machines are only machines, they have no
emotions as well as no power of thinking like humans. Human being has invented robots so
human beings have always going to have a higher place than the robots or any other kind of

Kaspersky Antivirus 2016: The Perfect Security Solution for Your Windows PC

How frequently have you come across an antivirus program that’s still managed by
its eponym creator? If you haven’t, Kaspersky is a highly capable and impressive
software that is worthy to be included in such a list.
Stepping into 2016, Kaspersky antivirus looks a little different this year when
compared to the previous year’s model, though it still offers great protection and this
is justified by the excellent scores that it has received from several lab tests. Without
any doubt, it’s one of the best choices of antivirus software for your Windows PC.
What’s Remarkable?
The ability of Kaspersky to look out for malware and destroy it – whether it’s a new
one or known virus – is noteworthy! Though it’s just an entry-level security software,
it has more features when compared to few other choices in its category. For
instance few rivals of this antivirus program lack automatic detection and anti-
phishing of detachable media. What’s more remarkable about such a feature-rich
program is that it’s affordable at just INR599! Moreover, accessibility to Amazon
coupons make it an even more affordable option slashing the price by more than
40% – yes, you can avail Kaspersky antivirus 2016 for one PC for one year for just
INR322. Look out for more such offers on sites like Couponhaat to avail greater
Salient Features
The most significant aspect of this antivirus program is its ability to detect viruses,
prevent and remove them. Some rival programs might do better, but still Kaspersky
crosses its boundaries to safeguard from all malware, including rootkits,
ransomware, spyware and security exploits. It also protects against phishing and
identity theft and safeguards the financial transactions that are done online in real
Ransomware is capable of locking your screen and generally indicts you of having
illicit pornography on your PC. The scam shows you where money has to be sent so
that you can continue accessing your files. Based on these lines, this antivirus is
capable of creating backup file copies before malicious programs get a chance for
encrypting them. Thus, in case ransomware attacks, it’s possible to restore the files
that are held as hostage without the need to send money to the hackers.
Another important aspect of Kaspersky is that it can overthrow key loggers, which
monitor your keyboard’s physical keys to capture confidential details like user
names, passwords or credit card details. The virtual keyboard of the program allows
you to enter details onscreen, thus bypassing the physical keyboard and preventing

The anti-phishing protection feature of the software cautions you about the site
safety in online searches and obstructs access to malevolent sites.
In a nutshell, Kaspersky maintains a great level of performance, usability and
protection. The rich features help in keeping your PC running with excellent security